29 Nov 2018

Typical and Critical Issues in EPC

Business activities will not be risk-free. Business activities in Engineering Procurement Construction has a unique aspect, namely levers between the price given and the risks that will arise. For example, if the project owner approves the project at a low price, the project owner must be prepared for the risks and problems that will arise. According to Dendi Adisuryo (Partners in ADCO Attorney at Law) at the EPC Workshop, there are typical and critical problems in the EPC, namely:

  1. quality (standards of work or performance):
  2. time (schedule) and money (costs and finance):
  3. Consequences if things go wrong:
  4. limitations on liability and indemnities
  5. Technology

During the EPC workshop on 28 October 2018, these typical and critical issues were discussed comprehensively and intensively including the strategies and preparation to avoid potential loss risks for the project owner, EPC Company, Contractors and Sub-Contractors having an interest in EPC. In addition, the EPC workshop also thoroughly discussed the implementation of the EPC from the beginning to the end with the updated study cases.

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